Let's get the convo started... I did my first solo bikepacking trip in August of 2020. An 80 mile round trip two day(ride), one night(camp) at a relative's (BIL) land in Alleghany county. It was wonderful! It was actually an experiment in preparedness for longer outings. I think I did OK. My bike was HEAVY though and I learned that I didn't need all that I had packed. Luckily, my BIL allowed me to "stash" some gear under a wood pile so I would be lighter on the return trip and he brought it back to me at a later date. I have posted some pics. So, conversation around packing necessities and leaving unnecessary items behind would be a good start... don't you think? For instance, I brought a folding wood saw... not light and completely unnecessary as I was able to break up any wood I needed for my small campfire by hand. I have built up a new bikepacking rig since then and will share pics of it on my next post... stay tuned.