SO long story short, back in October, I had to make a pitstop in Asheville, NC.  Although I'd been to North Carolina before, I'd never been to Asheville.  It looked really cool!  I kept seeing this thing about the "Blue Ridge Parkway" as well.  Looked like good hiking, waterfalls, scenery, etc.  

Well, post-Christmas, I decided to head back down there & check out this Blue Ridge Parkway.  Little did I know about the snow in Asheville & that most of that Parkway was basically closed down.  In fact, the road leading up to the visitor center near Asheville was blocked.  I also wasn't expecting so much "cold" either!  

Anyways, I still wanted to hike somehow.  I had to stop in at REI to get some warmer clothing.  I mentioned my misstep to one of the employees, and he recommended that I head out to "Roan Mountain. Carvers Gap to Grassy Ridge."  OK.  Well I did.  😄  It's part of the Appalachian Trail too!  By the time I got there, I only had so many hours of sunlight left & I didn't want to drive back to the Airbnb via potentially ice winding mountain roads in the dark, but what a wonderful view it was!  

I can't wait to go back to Asheville again!  133153881_10159130212499948_4124531971430242484_o.jpg134081631_10159130212094948_8247599665731076255_n.jpg

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