Good to hear from you.  It's actually a lot of fun to plan for a AT section hike. I will include a few internet links. I can tell you McAfee Knob in Virginia is the most photographed spot on the AT. However, I read it is crowded and a lot of people don't like that. The AT actually crosses several unimproved and improved roads this can lead to lots of people having access to the trail.. These roads become important for hikers wishing to resupply along the trail.  For example Neels Gap is the first major resupply point for NOBOs heading North from Springer Mountain. You can resupply at Mountain Crossings in Neels Gap. Neels Gap has gained fame for the hiking boots hanging from trees. The story is people have given up hiking the AT and threw their boots in the trees. Neels gap is about 31 miles from Springer. So after 31 miles they have had enough?

Actually my plans are really simple. I would like do a short hike from Springer to Neels Gap probably in Summer/Fall 2021. Next I would like to do a much longer hike maybe even the rest of the trail, to become a real thru hiker. For that you really need to plan for a date that will keep you off the trail in winter so that means a mid April 2022 start. Let it be know I have never hiked the AT but I have done an enormous amount of research and I do mean enormous. Sarabass I've included a few links for you. One concerns the dangers on the AT. This was written by a guy who has hiked the AT multiple time. The next concerns sections to hike along the AT. Hope you enjoy these links.