I live close to the Appalachian Trail and have hiked portions from my home base in PA.  I am trying to do some conditioning hikes so that I can prepare myself for section hikes in the coming years.  Due to bad knees my wife does not like to go on the trail.  I hike by myself most of the time but I would like to find others who are interested in hiking whether it be day hikes, workout hikes or whatever they may be looking for.  Has anyone found a good way to find other compatible hike partners.


Try Meetup. According to Google there are several groups in PA.


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Thanks.  I will try them out.  I do have a profile in Meetup.


yes, agree meetup is a great place to search.  I'm in VA and the AT is everones weekend backpack.  There are probably hundreds of meetups around (you don't necessarily need to live in the same city to meetup for a trip)

That said, there are lots of folks on the trail backpacking, but extremely few backpacking meetups, and those that are, have even fewer 'backpacking trips'.  You're more likely to find hundreds of meetups that do day hikes or 'done in a day' trips. (I'm the 9 year former organizer of OC backpackers (meetup) in VA). You can start your own meetup ($80 every 6 months).

But if you look for day hike trips, you probably find DOZENS each weekend, search your entire state, not just your town.  hope this helps.

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Thanks Phil...I have hiked with a local AT group with various levels of hiking experience.  Did meet a nice lady who was about my speed and outlook on life but schedules were tough to sync.  Most of the others were younger and faster.  Will keep looking.