Actually I have the same comment. I'm looking for partners to do section hiking on the AT. Unfortunately I got out of shape so I need to do some PT. However, 5 years ago I ran marathons. As practice I would like to do a SMALL section hike, Springer Mountain to Neels gap. I would take the AT approach trail to Springer. Next after I get my confidence, I would like to do Neels Gap to Fontana Dam in North Carolina. I'm a old man, 66, so the young folks will out pace me. I have heard their are lots of people you will meet on the AT that you can hike with you at your pace. Sarabass I would like to keep in contact with you. Your hiking distance/day is longer than mine. I'll be happy if I could do ten miles/day. However, hikers have a common bond that goes beyond pace and distance. Best of luck Sarabass maybe one day we will meet on the AT