Hi @sarabass - Thanks for reaching out! We love hearing that you are planning to get out onto sections of the AT and are taking the steps necessary to be prepared. Your two-month bike tour sounds incredible! What was your route? It would be amazing if you could share about that experience with us. There are many avid cyclists in this community!

For the Appalachian Trail, there are a handful of community members here that might be able to point you in a direction of finding partners (or may be looking themselves!). Additionally, www.meetup.com is somewhere hikers often go to find partners, so you might want to take a look there.

@nathanu@Philreedshikes@Hikes_in_Rain@taskmaster@Rob6@TomIrvine@John@Joe@OldGuyot@Wanderer - do any of you all have suggestions for Sara for finding section-hiking AT partners?

Thanks again for bringing this question to the community. Hopefully this helps!

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