Ok, so not really sure if this is a thing or not but figured that, if anyone knew, someone here would.

I'm trying to plan a few short, quick overnights (arrive Saturday, hike, camp, head home Sunday morning).  As an example, in May, I'm planning on going from Springer to Hightower.  An ideal situation would be for me to drive to Hightower, park and then hitch a ride back to Springer and just hike back to my car.  I've seen folks that are hiking in pairs or groups park one of their cars at each end and just hike between them but many of these little trips are likely to be solo.  So, I'm hoping that there's some secret network of folks that will pick up random folks at trailheads and drop them off at other trailheads and, if so, how to get in touch with said super secret network.  For what it's worth, I'm certainly not opposed to riding in the back of a truck, a trailer or even on the hood 🙂

Again, may not be a thing but, if I don't ask, I can't learn.  Appreciate any input.

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