@REI-CarterC @ thank you for the mention and @sarabass @ congrats on the decision to start your adventure.   So far, the only part of the AT that I've done is the Approach Trail and a little bit from Springer headed toward Hightower Gap.  That said, the Approach Trail is (I think) a rite of passage, a challenge and a beautiful hike.  I'm trying to plan the next adventure, either Springer to Hightower or Springer to Neels Gap, depending on scheduling options, but thats my hike because it'd drive me crazy to miss a mile (my wife fe says Im OCD 🙂 ).  As far as where to hike, I say hike your own hike.  Find something you want to accomplish (the first x miles, McAfee Knob, the halfway point, the Whites, Katahdin, etc.) and do it.  As far as finding hiking buddies, when you figure that one out let me know.  Anytime soon ask folks what theyre doing this weekend, they scatter, they know I'm gonna ask if they want to sleep in the woods

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