Hi Granola Friends!

My name is Sara and I'm 24 years old with a few months to spend before starting graduate school (hopefully!), and I'm so eager to hike a section of the Appalachian Trail! There is no way I would go alone though haha as I'm new to multi-day adventuring and I've only ever done one other overnight backpacking trip (on which I didn't have much responsibility). I'm curious if anyone could suggest to me a forum for finding a few partners to go on an adventure with? My last big trip was a 2-month biking tour across the country and I absolutely loved carrying my home on my legs and being so free, raw, natural for so many days on end. I'm confident I'll settle into the backpacking routine as I did the biking one, I just need some company to give me the stability and support for getting comfortable. And I love meeting new people, so that's also the major reason I'm seeking company for this trip. I'm hoping to go for a couple months and would hope to leave maybe in May... whenever the weather is best haha thank you anybody who answers this call, I'm grateful!:)

Wishing you all wellness and joy,