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What Natural Deodorant do you recomend?

what is a natural deoderant you recomend when active outdoors? 

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I’ve used Kopari and it was decent. I still sweat a bit but don’t stink 

I actually don't wear it and never have - and I don't really stink.  Honest (my wife and kids will confirm), but after a few days sweating and no shower I do.  That's where I turn to a cold water splash or dip.  

I love Native deodorant but in an effort to go zero waste started making my own and was shocked that it works just as well!

Lume. Complete gamechanger for me -- it ACTUALLY WORKS! And it works for 72 hours at a time, which is amazing. A very little bit goes a very long way. I developed an allergy to aliuminum and can't use commercial deo -- nothing worked until I found Lume. (I've given some to friends with the same challenge and other allergies, and they all love it, too.)

I have tried many! A lot of the natural deodorants still contain “fragrance” which can be code for lots of chemicals!!! (For example native and kopari). I use Primally Pure now and have been very happy with it! 


I've started using Lume and love it! My pits always would get a rash when I use natural deodorants because most of them contain baking soda; however, Lume doesn't. I've also found that other natural deodorants don't really keep the stink at bay, but Lume works! The best part of this product is you can use it anywhere, not just armpits! They have tubes (which is what I prefer to use) so that you can easily apply to any body part. 

I use the Lavender Sage scented product, but they do have unscented, which I found to be not overpowering at all. In fact, the only time I smell the scent is when I first apply it. I can't speak to the efficacy of the unscented product though since I never used it. 

One other plus with Lume, it doesn't stain your clothes or leave a nasty residue on them. 

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NATIVE all the way. The coconut one smells amazing but very light. You will still have perspiration ( the price we pay when using natural stuff) but you won't smell 😀.

I also like the organic brand Jason. That one you can get in stores, NATIVE is by online order only


Fromonda is awesome although there is no deodorant stick/spray for underarms yet.  Their products are focused on "below the belt" and the scalp.  Made with all natural items.  Marketing is also a total hoot.


Norwex Crystal deodorant is awesome! I never smell anymore after I started using this over a year ago. 


I’ve been using Primal Pit Paste for a few years now and I’ll never use anything else! They have a ton of great scents that keep me smelling fresh even after a day of hiking or mountain biking. My new favorite go-to is the charcoal formula in Seaside!