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What Natural Deodorant do you recomend?

what is a natural deoderant you recomend when active outdoors? 

35 Replies

I've tried about 2 different kinds with no luck. My most recent purchase was the Schmidt's and I LOVE it! 

I got the "Waves" scent and it smells like the beach! I can't wait to try all their other scents out. 

At REI, we believe a life outdoors is a life well-lived.

There is a new one by Arm & Hammer "Essentials" that is aluminum free and contains Eucalyptus oil and smells great.  There is an unscented one as well.   

+1 for Schmidt’s Charcoal+Magnesium Deoderant. 

Tom’s didn’t work for me. Before finding Schmidt’s, I used Arm and Hammer, but I would start to slightly stink at the end of a day of outdoor activities. With Schmidt’s, I smell great no matter how much I sweat or how active I am. 

I have discovered that Tom's Deodorants are inconsistant; some work better than others. Maine Wood Spice is OK.

I use Meow Meow Tweet (hilarious name, I know).  The issue I have is that I get a reaction to baking soda and/or charcoal.  This one is pretty good and the grapefruit smells nice.

I got a reaction/irritation from the baking soda in Schmidt's Naturals. Thankfully, they make a sensitive skin formula...and I love the woodsy scents!

Great I didn't know about the sensitive formula. I will look for it as I too get some irritation from backing soda.


Additional support for meow meow tweet! One of my friends reccomended it and I had to try it because of the name, now it's my go-to.

I had to switch away from a baking soda based deoderant for this reason. I switched to Schmidt's Natural Deoderant - sensitive formula.


Glacial-fed stream seems to do the trick for me - cold, invigorating, manly.

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