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What causes sock holes?

I walk and or hike. No running. In the past month I have thrown away two pairs of Wigwam socks with holes in the Achilles heel area. Both pairs had the same wear pattern and the rest of the socks had good life left. Is this indicative of a problem with shoes? Or is this the common wear pattern one should expect? Any thoughts on this issue would be appreciated

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@Doubledee511 thanks for reaching out; sorry to hear you're finding holes forming in your socks. How long have you had them? Over time, socks often wear thin in one or two specific places - under the ball of the foot and behind the Achilles are the most common places for wear and tear to show up, because that's where we have the most movement/friction of our feet in our shoes. This type of wear is not necessarily indicative of a problem with your shoes or the socks - it's often just an indication of normal wear and tear over time. You can certainly check for any visible damage to that area of your shoe, and if there is any, that could explain why your socks are wearing through in that location. You might also consider switching brands of socks, or even models within a brand, if you're dissatisfied with the durability. Hope this helps!

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@Doubledee511 thanks for reaching out with your question! These holes in the Achilles area, are they near the top or the bottom of the Achilles? That wear pattern up top is a common spot for socks to thin out. If the pattern is happening more towards the bottom, closer to the heel, it could be the result of a loose fit in that part of the shoe. As your feet pick up, the heel catches in back and causes some friction on that part of the sock.

This isn't necessarily indicative of a poor fit. If you are looking for new socks you might benefit from a pair with extra padding in the back.

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.