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Tracking watches

After going through Fitbit and Garmin watches to track my workouts, biking, and hiking treks I have become disllusioned with their durability.  Individually they have some good features but whether it be battery life, durability, or connectivity and ease of use with apps, they both seem to fall short.  Looking for solutions.

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@Bonfire Have not have much success with Garmin but let me know how it works for you. I use the Fitbit Surge myself and it does most of what I need right now.  Will use other devices for remote contact as noted.


I don't think I'll switch at this point. I'm liking the Fitbit Surge too and OnX on my phone works wonders for me as well. 



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@Bonfire Thanks for the tip on OnX.  Had never heard of the app but gave it a quick look and it might be a solution for back country tracking.  Now I just have to solve how to stay in contact in remote areas.  Mostly because I travel alone so I need to have someone know where I am in case of an emergency.  I think my satellite phone idea may be the answer on that one.