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Thoughts on the effectiveness of (neck) Gaiters as masks?

Hi. I walk often in my neighborhood which combines fairly busy streets where I am always wearing a mask, but also many small woodsy trails where I am usually  alone, but Do at times encounter other walkers. All my masks currently tie which is fine for wearing all the time, but inconvenient if I’d like to have it on around people but off when alone.

I was considering a neck gaiter as they look much more comfortable for pulling on and off simply. But I cannot find any information at all online as to weather they are any protection at all for the virus. Do they have any effectiveness? Or are they actually a false security because you might look as if you are taking the precaution but it’s really designed for something else?

For example something designed for runners likely aids in expelling breath and and wicking away that moisture is probably is less safe for those I encounter as it intentionally puts the breath out rather than containing it.


do you know where I can find any information? Are there neck gaiters that would actually work as well as masks for stopping virus spreading? Can you point to any info on that?

thx. . 

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Glad I was able to provide some inspiration 😉


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