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Small backpack for carrying upto 80-100lbs weight

I was originally looking for an everyday backpack that is anywhere from 20-30L that I could use for a couple of days of travel (for my business trips) and for rucking (x2-3 a week). So i was interested in a bag that could hold upto 80-100 lbs while being suitable for everyday carry. [I usually carry around 40lbs but every now and then I up the weight for the ruck to about 60-80lbs]

That being said, I would not mind buying a bag specifically for the rucking/travel requirement if that is cheaper and more effective than looking for a bag that does it all.

Any help would be hugely appreciated!


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Hi @Hiker45 - Thanks for reaching out to the community with this one! The majority of the 20-30L packs that we carry aren't necessarily designed to support 80-100lbs. With that much weight in them, you will likely find it's hard to carry the weight comfortably; in addition, if you are able to get 100lbs in a 20-30L pack, we'd expect to see faster wear and tear.

With that said, we do offer a few different pack options from Mystery Ranch, who makes packs specifically for load-bearing activities. They use load carriage architecture, which is designed to keep the pack’s shape even when under a heavy load. You can take a look at the various 20-30L Mystery Ranch packs that we carry and see if one of them could work for you.

We are hoping other members of our community can offer expertise as well. Hope this helps!

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@Hiker45 Ok, I gotta ask...what in the world gets you up to 80-100lbs?? Camera equipment? Hunting gear? Gold bullion?

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Hey @Hiker45, most bags that carry 75lbs+ comfortably are designed for hunting. Mystery ranch was already mentioned, but exo mountain gear, stone glacier, kuiu, seek outside, and eblerstock all make great packs. I have lower back issues and have been using a K3 frame from exo mountain gear for weights ~85lbs and distances ~10 miles at a time.