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Road running/walking shoes non-leather

Hi!  I've never shopped for walking shoes online before, but this pandemic's gone on so long and my current shoes, being used every day for about an hour, just are no longer offering the support they used to.  (The tops are wearing out too.)  I use Spenco orthotic insoles, on the advice of my chiropractor, but I'd like my shoes to also offer good arch support.  I've generally looked at running shoes over walking shoes since they're more likely to be vegan and comfy on hard surfaces.  (I have other shoes for trail hiking, but they're getting no use now.)  Anyway, I've used the criteria in your search engine, but I can't tell which ones offer good arch support and which ones don't.  Can you help me pick out a few to choose among?  Thanks!

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@dianeliz thanks so much for reaching out, and you're right, it can be really hard to pick new running/walking shoes online! Because this is true, and because getting the right fit is so important, we'd first recommend setting up a free virtual outfitting appointment - this is a great opportunity to talk to one of our employees about your specific feet and your specific needs and get personalized recommendations.

With that said, arch support is typically something folks have to add - namely, by using an insole of some sort (like your Spenco insole). Many shoes are made without a lot of arch support with the assumption that those who need it can add it. Chaco and Dansko are 2 brands that are typically known for offering arch support, although we don't carry options from them in the walking/running shoe category.

Without knowing much about your foot (wide? narrow?) or your gait (where do you strike first when your foot hits the ground?), you might consider the following road running shoes (both are vegan), recognizing you may still need to use an insole:

Again, we highly recommend either an outfitting appointment or a visit to your local REI store to hone in on a great fit!

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