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How do you stay active while traveling?

Ideally all of my travel would revolve around mountains/lakes/oceans, but sometimes it's more of a concrete jungle.

I've found that a pair of running shoes, a travel yoga mat, and resistance bands allow me to create a full body workout anywhere while on the road. 

What are your tips for staying active while traveling?

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In addition to those items, if I was driving or traveling when weight didnt matter I would bring a kettlebell and or a Goruck training plate. I'll use a weighted pack to go up and down the stairs at a hotel for a workout. Otherwise take the stairs as often as possible. 

I use an app caled SmartWOD Workout Generator.  This app allows you to select the equipment you have available and generates WOD's (Work Out of the Day). You can also select no equipment and it will generate body weight workouts that require no equipment. I useually will do a 15 min warm up prior to the WOD.  I have used this on Cruises as well as when I travel for Business and is seems to work great for me....

When driving, I try to get out as much as possible.  Stop to see the views, walk around, and take in what you can. When flying, I walk in the airport as much as possible.