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Re: Fitness/outdoor watch suggestions

Hi! I am seeking a watch that is great for the outdoors and fitness. I really like Garmin's but am having trouble choosing which one is right for me. I spend a lot of time outdoors hiking, backpacking, skiing where there is no service and like the Garmin's that provide maps on the watch. I am also an avid runner with a very petite wrist so a lighter weight and smaller size would suite me best. I would love to hear what others suggest! 

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@outsidewithchamp Hey there! Garmin watches are the bees knees, they make it so easy to recreate just about anywhere. Based on your needs, I think the Garmin Fenix series is right for you. A few of the great features about it that I think apply to you best is the Pulse Ox tracking, which makes sure you are acclimating to altitude properly, the reliable mapping features offered by Garmin's array of satellites, is fantastic for tracking runs and recovery, AND it comes in a smaller size (the "S" series). The Fenix 6S Pro Solar is the one that I would go with, since it charges via sunlight instead of having to worry about a battery recharge. I highly recommend the Garmin Connect app as well, as it will offer a larger screen to see your Garmin apps, no service needed (Bluetooth compatible). If you have any other questions about the greatness that is the Garmin Fenix, feel free to respond here OR schedule a free virtual outfitting appointment. Good luck with your new watch - I hope you get to use it to track all the ways in which your outdoor life is a life well lived!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

I have a Fitbit Versa and it's "okay". BUT... it was a Christmas gift from my wife this past year and I've already had to get it replaced under warranty. And the Fitbit that I bought her has also had to be replaced under warranty (I gave her one for Christmas, too).

Also, I've discovered that if I am not standing perfectly still when I start recording exercise, it gets confused and gives me erroneous data.

So when it's time to replace it (or sooner), I'll get a Garmin. Because my activity is primarily walking and hiking, I am looking at the Garmin Insight as it seems to be geared toward those activities.

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