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Choosing between a Garmin Fenix 6 or 6S (size)

I'm planning to buy a Garmin Fenix 6 while they are on sale, but am uncertain on size (either regular 6 or 6S).  Unfortunately, with the stores closed, I cannot come in and try them on.  If I buy one of the sizes on-line and I am unhappy with the fit, will I be allowed to "exchange" for the other size and still get the "sale " price (even after May 25, when the sale is over).

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Hello there @mbl68gt!

Thanks for reaching out to us here in the Community! 

The Fenix is a great watch and it is wonderful that the 6S was created for those of us who want the same great features in a slimmer package! If size of the watch is a concern, I would strongly recommend the 6s! 
With that being said, if you find yourself, post-sale, wanting to do an exchange, we certainly want to do our best to facilitate that. Typically when our stores are open, exchanges can be handled easily so, if possible, we would recommend waiting until your local store reopens to process the exchange.   
If waiting for our stores to reopen to process a size exchange is not an option, we would then recommend working with our Sales and Customer Service team on options for returning the original size through the mail and reordering the other size. Hope this helps!
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@mbl68gt Along the same lines is the 6S still big enough to use the maps to navigate. Being a woman and having a relatively small wrist even the 6S seemed large to me but I also don't want to buy it and not be able to use it for the one thing I want it for.