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Can I record my heart rate w/o broadcasting to the Internet?

Hello.  While riding a bicycle on my Kinetic Fit trainer, I'd like to be able to know my heart rate, all the time, with good accuracy.  I think that means a chest strap, which is fine, but can I combine that with some kind of readout without an Internet or phone connection?
I remember I had some combination of chest strap and Polar watch-like thingie way back in the previous millennium, is there anything like that now?
Looking for accuracy and simplicity.
I DO have wifi and a desktop computer with bluetooth, and an Android smart phone, all that stuff, just don't feel like broadcasting my workouts to the world.
Any advice would be welcome.  Thank you.

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Hi @HappyFeet,

You're right that a chest strap is, on the whole, more accurate than the optical wrist monitors found on most modern HRM-tracking watches. All of the chest straps we sell at REI have ANT+ and Bluetooth that make them compatible with nearly all HRM tracking watches. 

To be clear, do you have a Kinetic smart trainer that has the ability to send your workouts to the Kinetic Fit app? If you do, my suggestion would be to continue using the app to log your workouts while making sure all of your privacy settings are set to the max, and you aren't connecting to third-party apps like Strava. That way, you have a log of your workouts available, but those workouts aren't able to be seen by others. Generally, all fitness apps have a system for making your data and workouts private. 

Another workaround would be to get a watch that you can connect to a chest strap, and simply store your workouts in the memory on the watch without sending it to the manufacturer's app (e.g. Garmin Connect, Suunto App). To do that, you'll likely have to put your watch on airplane mode while logging a workout. 

The advantage of connecting to an app is that you have access to more data than you would be able to see on a small watch face, and you can store that data in the app for a long time--most watches can only store 15-20 workouts at one time. I, for example, have used Garmin Connect for my workouts for years, but have never put my profile into "public" mode so that others can see the data. 

In short, there's not really a workaround that I can think of other than taking the time to ensure all of your app settings are private, or purchasing a device which you keep disconnected from your phone, but limits your ability to see long-term data. If someone has other ideas, I'd love to hear them!

Hope this helps!

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That is helpful.  Thank you.