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When did you catch your fishing fever?

My fishing line stretched out with a whistling sound as the black hairy dry fly landed softly two feet above where I spotted the big brown trout raised.
At that very moment, my worries of world was long gone.

That experience or feeling don't belong to a flyfisher only, but to all sport fishermen!

How would you describe your "fever"? Tell us a story when your fishing fever either got the best of you, or lead to the catch of your life. 

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What a great topic @Paalbaal! I grew up in a fishing-obsessed family, so endless memories popped up in my head while reading your post. 

For me, one that stands out is from my backyard in Maine as a little girl. My brother and I were absolutely convinced there were large striper (striped bass) under the dock and that we could surely catch them. While our fishing techniques were up to par, no one believed us that these fish were even around. After weeks of the adults thinking we were only talking a big game, we finally landed a ten pounder. It was a moment worthy of many high fives! 

Feeding birds and talking about the infamous under-dock fish!Feeding birds and talking about the infamous under-dock fish!

Do you have any moments from fishing as a kid that stand out to you?

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

My best catch as a kid was this northern pike that measured 36" and tipped the scales at 13 lbs.  I thought I hooked a log when it hit my line.


Get outdoors, stay safe, and happy trails!
Todd the Hiker

The fishing fever began when my wife and I started backpacking. We were hiking above the west fork of the Gila River in the Gila Wilderness in New Mexico. As we rounded a bend we looked down and saw a man wading the river with a backpack and a fly rod in hand. He made a fluid cast and all I could say was "That is so cool! I want to do that." My father-in-law, an avid fisherman in upstate New York, sent me a spin-fly travel rod and reel. That got me started on spin fishing, then fly fishing. It has led to many hours of the most sublime pleasure.


Thank you all, good read! Its funny, by reading your stories, I get the fever, the urge to fish 😅.

Fishing is in my blood. In the picture collage top left you can see my granddaddy shows of his pikes. Bottom left, my father loved fishing lake trout. Although I didn't fish salmon on regular basis, I got lucky and caught the 22 pound salmon in the top right picture. Finally, in the bottom right picture, my son with a nice char.

My fever was exclusively connected to fishing freshwater, hunting trout and char only. Radically enough, to a point were I was kind of arrogant, like no other spices of fish was worthy. So my fishing fever has no starting point, that one fish, one catch that turned everything around. Rather, from the first time I saw a fish rise, the wait, the feeling of excitement in between fish rising and actually catching one, was what really got into my soul. The journey, not the destination so to speak. The very moment when any lure or fly hit the water, I just knew that this is what I gonna do until I die. Oh'boy, I was in for a serious wake up call!

I friend of mine, at the time a professor that studied reproduction and mapping the habitats of the halibut in north of Norway, invited me on an exclusive fishing trip. Can you image my arrogance😆. "Me, fishing in saltwater, with a lure bigger than some of the lake trout I catch"? Eventually, he convinced me to come along just for the beautiful midnight sun and a nice boat trip. Of course, he knew the best spots and talk me into at least try a cast or two. I can definitely acknowledge that after fighting the biggest halibut, I rightfully got my arrogance turned down a few notches😅.

For me, this ignited a new fishing fever inside, and can still visualize that halibut rise from the seafloor and biting my lure so unbelievable hard like nothing I ever had experienced before. Sweat dripping from my forehead and both hands shaking! My friend got a good laugh, and he knew I was hooked! So for many years now I have enjoyed all aspects of sports fishing in both salt and freshwater, chasing different spices of fish. Should have started earlier!Fire gen fisk.jpgSørli med fin kveitefangst 1.JPG


Only weeks to go before I leave on another three weeks adventure. Can't hide the fishing fever that rises within! Will my trout record, 3,6kg and 63cm, fall this summer?

How about you, is the chase the same, even if your catch record is solid?

0_Ørret 3,6kg og 63cm.jpg

So, I hope I don't get laughed off this board, but I can't say that I have "fishing fever".  I tend to view it as more of a relaxing, summertime pastime. 

I grew up on a farm, and every summer from the time I was old enough to handle a bale, was involved in "putting up hay"; not just on my family's farm, but on many neighboring farms as well.  Several of those had ponds with blue gills and bass.  Part of my reward for helping was to spend some time fishing at these farmer's ponds, and if I was skillful, or lucky enough to catch something, I had a nice fresh fish dinner after a hard day's work.

This led to more adventurous outings at nearby streams and rivers and occasionally the Chesapeake Bay (BTW does crabbing count?)  And some of my misadventures involved catching minnows in a stream to use as bait, occasionally during thunderstorms, and being questioned by police when I was seen fishing late at night on a neighbor's pond (with permission, but the officer didn't know that).

Since those humble beginnings, I've continued to view fishing as a fun, relaxing way to spend some time outdoors more so than a pursuit.

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