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Kayak fishing launch ramps, Delta??

I just purchased an Old Town fishing kayak, and interested in best places to launch it, preferable in the Delta.  Where are the best launch ramps in the Delta area, or areas or lakes for good bass fishing??  Thank you!

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You ned a launch ramp for a kayak?  i have launched off wilderness beaches many times by simply facing the kayak into the water, entering and skootching me and the kayak forward (or some variation thereof)....

These were single sea kayaks, 16 feet or so long it is even easier in a double or triple

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Scooching a fishing kayak off the beach while sitting in it isn't so easy to do if it's one of the ones with the seat sitting above the decking like many of the Old Town fishing kayaks have.  If there is no launch pier, you can always just walk the kayak into the water then hop aboard.  It might take some practice to get in without flipping it, but it is doable.  And it opens up lots of places to launch as you don't need a kayak launch.  Happy fishing.

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Hi @Jmonp99 - Thanks for reaching out. It's great to hear you have a new fishing kayak!

It sounds like you're looking for good spots to go fishing! With this community covering a lot of different areas, can you tell us which delta you're referring to? Potentially the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, the SF Bay Area Delta, or the Mississippi River Delta? Once we know that, hopefully some locals from your area will be able to provide some suggestions. 

Also, you will notice we have moved your post to our Fishing Enthusiasts board, which is the perfect spot to connect with others on this topic. If you're interested, it'd be great if you joined!

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