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Choosing a pedal kayak: Hobie Mirage Passport 10.5

I am interested in purchasing a pedal kayak I really like the Hobie, my main use will be of the beach in ocean this is my first kayak so let me give you some info to see if this would be the best choice for me

5'1" 64 year old female, the main use will be fishing off the beach in ocean

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Hi there @thesunlover!

Thanks for being a part of the Community! Getting out on the water in a pedal kayak sounds like a lot of fun! 

There is a great article that specifically offers 
advice on selecting a kayak for fishing. It outlines some of the benefits of pedal kayaks as well as some different features that you may be looking for, that might confirm this is the boat for you!

In addition, I wanted to share a previous conversation where a customer was looking at similar kayaks. You might find the perspective on different models helpful as well as the great advice that was given by @REI-EthanS on the topic!

Hope this helps provide you with some more insight as you consider this fun purchase!  Please feel free to ask us anything else as questions arise!

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You really can't go wrong with any of the Hobies.  I have an 2019 Hobie PA 14 and I can comfortably spend all day on the water.  I think the Passport would make the perfect first kayak.

Keep Calm and Paddle On

I'm on my 3rd kayak and all were fishing kayaks.  First was the Native Slayer and then 2017 Outback and now a 2021 Outback and love the Hobies for the build quality and Mirage Drive.   Pedal kayak for fishing is a must in my view.  Especially on saltwater where current and wind can be challenging without a pedal drive.  I've fished in for reds and rocks in saltwater and there's nothing better.   Especially if you like to troll which I love to do.   The Hobie Compass would be my second choice but looks to be a very functional.   Good luck to you!


@randy1 @KayakTony I'm new to kayaking and want to select a fishing pedal kayak. Hobie Mirage Compass is the model I'm considering. Plan to fishing inshore (gulf coast - Tx) and some freshwater bayous. Any guidance would be appreciated.

@Stay_Active - You're looking in exactly the right place and at a great model.  I'm not sure of your budget, but the Hobie Compass is a fantastic fishing kayak, especially if it's going to be your first one.  If you have a larger budget, I would suggest the Hobie PA14, which is, arguably, the best fishing kayak on the market.  Based on what you posted and where you'll be fishing, I think the compass would certainly fit those needs...but you would certainly be happy with the PA14 and wouldn't even consider upgrading for many years.  You'll be able to outfit the compass with tons of accessories and electronics.  The real difference between the Compass and Hobie's higher end models such as the Outback and PA comes in terms of stability and durability.  I'm in MN and when I fish big open water such as Rainy Lake, Lake of the Woods, Mille Lacs, or anything in Canada I'll bring my Hobie PA14.  If I'm fishing smaller water or rivers, I opt for my paddle powered Jackson Cuda.  Let me know if I can be of further assistance.  I could talk kayak fishing all day

Keep Calm and Paddle On