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Know of any trails in CO that are accessible by wheelchair?

Hello. I was wondering if anyone here would know of good examples of wheelchair accessible hiking trails. I get around by means of a manual wheelchair, so obviously I need to have accessibility related matters addressed. I am working on trying to create a guidebook for accessible hiking trails throughout the state of Colorado. Not sure if the trail(s) need to be technically accessible, but the trail needs to be accessible enough that your average wheelchair user could go through it without too many difficulties. So far, I have found 65 trails, so I know that they are out there.

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I absolutely love what you're trying to do with the guide book.  I'll do a little research on my end and send your way.  Great idea!

Keep Calm and Paddle On

Love what you're doing! Do be sure to update us when you publish your guide! 

I'm not too familiar but I'll list the ones I think would be great to check out that I've been to-

Chatfield State Park, Florissant NM, Barre Lake State Park, Staunton State Park (they have AWD motorized chairs to rent), Great Sand Dunes NP (they have specialized sand dune chairs), RMNP- Sprague Lake, Dinosaur NM- Plug Hat

Davidson Mesa, Alderfer/Three Sisters, Dinosaur Ridge, Bear Creek Lake Park, trails along the Gunnison River (Gunnison), Rio Grande Trail (Aspen to Glenwood Springs), and Maroon Lake (Aspen)

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