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Hike from Crested Butte to Aspen - best topo map?

Hello. I'm planning to do the hike from Crested Butte to Aspen later this summer.  I'm trying to figure out what topographical maps to get. It's hard to determine that online without going into the store and reviewing them in person to find the correct maps.  Can anyone tell me which one(s) to purchase?  Also, any other info about that trail would be helpful. I'll be leading 7 adults and want to prepare properly.

Thank you. Matt

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@MattyP Aveza App is a great resource.  You can use it on the trail for navigation.  But also, the way it works is you download maps into the app, either free (USFS or USGS) or for a fee (Trails Illustrated/National Geo) or a myriad of other ones.  Searching for the quad maps will show you exactly which you need for your hike.  

It's a free app, and I only download free maps.  Search for the most recent ones, though.

Are you doing the West Maroon Pass?

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@MattyP  here you go, I made you a pdf map on caltopo.  It's 11x17", scale 1:50,000. Starting from Maroon Lake trail head.

What I do is upload the maps to the quick print option for my local UPS store and get them printed 11x17 for about $1.00 a page, comes out fantastic IMO.

I've done the Maroon Bells Four Pass Loop 3 times and already had the loop ready, I just added a route from West Maroon Pass down to CB.

But it's an area with lots of trails, I think I picked the main route. 

However, once you get to Schofield Pass, you can just walk on the jeep road down to CB, looks pretty scenic from the maps.

Each time I was on W. Maroon Pass, I'd meet Ladies (always  Ladies), making some sort of 'pilgrimage' from Aspen to CB, like it was the 'in thing to do', but I did get great restaurant ideas for when we returned to Aspen!

good luck, and here's some photos of W. Maroon Pass and the basins below.

Approaching W. Maroon Pass, 12,500'Approaching W. Maroon Pass, 12,500'Gunny on W. Maroon PassGunny on W. Maroon PassLooking into Basin from W. Maroon PassLooking into Basin from W. Maroon PassDescending into BasinDescending into BasinTurning right towards Frigid Air Pass ,12,500'Turning right towards Frigid Air Pass ,12,500'DSC02427.JPG

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