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Looking for people to hike or camp in DC/Maryland/Virgina area

Looking for hiking or camping friends in the DMV area. 

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@Bka748 You might want to tell us what the DMV stands for. I think most people associate the dmv with the department of motor vehicles. 


Dc. Md. Va. People who live in the area knows the acronym


Hey there @Bka748 !  That we do, but DMV could also have stood for Delaware, Maryland and Virginia, aka DelMarVa.  😁

Still a relatively small area, even if you consider it DDMV.


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Hi @Bka748 - Thanks for reaching out! You will see we have moved your post to the DC Area board, as its the best place to connect with locals about plans and trails. There have already been a few different posts of people in the area also looking for hiking and camping partners. You may want to comment on these threads to see if anyone is looking at similar plans as you:

Hopefully this helps!

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Hi!  I'm in tidewater.  Would love heading up into the mountains.


@samtran In the NOVA area and always looking for someone to head to the Mountains with!


@annaelizabet @samtran @Bka748 

I'm in Hampton, always looking for the next hike.  Looking at doing maybe 2 nights at seneca cr end of next week, to photograph the many waterfalls, it's about 6hr dr from my side of tidewater, and about a 2-3 mile (maybe less) hike in from the parking area. Straight and level.

however, the weekends are usually packed everywhere, so I'm probably going to drive up, maybe thursday.

that said, I'm trying to figure out where to go for saturday night, for milky way shots

here's my vid of my last seneca fr hike, you can check out me as well as the hike, lol

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Hey there friend!

We were raised in the DMV area! If you want to look for people in that area through our community on Instagram go to @werethewanderers and you can connect to someone that way 🙂

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The Wanderers

Hey there!

Just saw this post!  I am a female looking for a female hiking partner in Maryland/southern Pennsylvania. I live in the DMV, specifically northeast of Baltimore.  I am open to travelling to central/western Maryland and southern Pennsylvania for hikes.  If interested, feel free to PM me.

- Lorraine