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Hiking the C&O Towpath in the Fall - Looking for a hiking buddy

56 year old male cancer survivor, now retired.  Looking for a hiking companion for a 9-12 day hike on the C&O Towpath starting around the beginning of October.

I'm a sane individual with no desire to discuss the political or economic environment.  If you dig music, sports, and photography, send me a message.

Age, race, gender doesn't matter.  Just don't complain!! LOL!

Hope to hear from someone in the area.  I'm doing about a 3 mph pace.  It's a flat trail.  My goal is 15-20 miles a day.

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Did you filter the water from the pumps? Even though it is treated and potable, I filter it to improve the taste. Since I am carrying a water filter anyway, I could always filter from another water source if I were desperate. I usually start the day with 2 liters and fill up again when I stop for lunch at a rest stop with a pump.

aka "Boonerelli"

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I do not filter from the pumps, since it's potable.  I had a marginal improvement with the taste if I did so.