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AT hiker looking for hiking partner

I'm recently retired and am interested in hiking the AT. Not a thru hike, but do it in sections. I live in Maryland and plan to do the Maryland  section in the spring after I get my taxes done. Then I plan to do parts of Virginia. I did a little hiking on the AT in North Carolina in the fall. The mountains down there were a little tough. I thought it would be better to do more locally in Maryland and Virginia to get my trail legs.. My wife is not keen on me hiking alone. If anyone out there is interested in tagging along let me know. I'm your every day average 60 year old male looking for a new challenge.

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@TerpDog I may sir, i am wanting to do a thru hike and may start with AT first and I don't wanna hike alone either. I am 48 and dealing with a hip issue at the moment. Keep in touch ill give you my email. I am Scott by the way.


@TEXANHIKER72 and @TerpDog love that y'all may come together for such an adventure! We have removed your personal information from your posts (email addresses) to help protect your privacy from the broader audience and suggest that you connect with each other, and exchange contact information, via Direct Message instead.

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I plan on doing the Maryland part of the AT sometime in the spring. I want to do it in a day (4 state challenge). If you folks don't want to do the whole 4 state challenge. I'd love to start the trail with you in PA...I'd rather do the pre-dawn parts of the challenge with some folks rather than alone.


I live in Massachusetts and would be willing to jump on a 3-7 day adventure... Maybe NY up into NH? Or opposite direction... Hit the DM, I'm 42, retired Military, ski 3 days a week, hike 10 miles regularly 1-2x week...if someone wants to make a plan, ill start lifting and training.

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