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Winter gloves for riding my bike or motorcycle

I am searching for recommendations on which winter gloves are truly staying warm at a higher speed (Moto, biking, etc) waterproof and insulated ? 

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@Multisports72 Thanks for reaching out!

We have a couple of options that work great for cycling, however you will want to keep in mind that they are designed for the speeds you would reach on a bicycle and we can't speak to what would work for a motorcycle. In terms of gloves, we have several options that could work:

Sealskinz Extreme Cold-Weather Cycling split finger gloves

Bontrager Old Man Winter Bike Gloves

45NRTH Sturmfist 4 Gloves

These three options are designed for cycling in winter and combine the warmth of mittens and dexterity of gloves. This allows you to stay warm and insulated and still able to work your brakes and shifters.

Another option for cycling is a set of pogies, which is basically a large set of mittens that fit over your handlebars and allow you to put your hands inside to stay warm. Personally, I use a set of pogies for cycing in winter in Fairbanks, Alaska and they're great! I wear a thin liner glove and the pogies keep my hands very warm.

Hope this helps, thanks!

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Hi, I bought a pair of the your Sealskinz Extreme Cold-Weather Cycling split finger gloves last year.  I have found they only really work above 20F.  For colder temperatures my thumbs get terribly cold after around 1/2 an hour.  I tried putting on glove liners, but the glove liners + the Sealskinz were so tight that they reduced the circulation in my hand and I got even colder.  Should I buy another pair of bigger Sealskinz which has extra room for liners, or maybe super thin liners that don't cut off my circulation, or is there some other solution to this?


You might also look into getting some Bar Mitts. They're like pogies for bicycle handlebars. Often, I find I can wear regular weight gloves under my humble neoprene BarMitts and be fine on a winter ride. I have flat bars, but they also make them for drops.

I never had the 45North pogies, but they look luxurious.

I can't advise you about motorcycle gloves, but I imagine there might be something comparable in that market as well.

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