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Where we want to bike

Let's start a conversation about our favorite places to bike and how we can make our own areas more bikable.  Can you walk out your door and hop on your bike and get where you want to go?  Do you bike to get places or only for recreation or fitness?   Do your kids bike to school?  Is bikability a criteria when you select where to live or travel?  Do you have to load your bikes on a car to get to where you can bike?  If you answered no to most of these questions, what can we all do to make our world more bike-friendly?

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I live in Central Maryland, and my biking is generally recreation and fitness oriented.  I generally ride on rail-to-trail thoroughfares, and occasionally on the road. There are several multi-use trails nearby, but I do have to drive to all but one of them, and that most local of trails is in the process of being expanded by our county parks & rec department.  I've participated in most of the volunteer opportunities associated with that project.

I'm in a rural area located somewhat between urban areas, so most of the roads have no shoulder, but are highly trafficked, and not what I would consider safe for bike travel, although I do see numerous road-cyclists around.  Due to my location, it's not feasible for me to bike for commuting or shopping. 

I try to do a day-hike and/or bike ride every weekend. My most recent cycling "adventure" was the Central Bucks County Covered Bridges tour just north of Philadelphia, PA.  33 miles, mostly on what used to be the tow path of the now abandoned canal.

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Build more trails!

I can't walk out my door and ride more than a mile without encountering a steep and heavily travelled two lane road, so I don't. I usually put my bike on a car rack and drive at least a mile and a half to a nice, quiet, flat, picturesque rail trail.  To make it worse, the three rail trails closest to where I live have had parts temporally closed due to highway construction. Now, I have to drive at least three to four miles from home to access my closest trail.

aka "Boonerelli"

Superusers do not speak on behalf of REI and may have received
one or more gifts or other benefits from the co-op.