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What do I need to ride my DRT 2.2 in winter in Massachusetts?

So i just got a Co-Op DRT 2.2 and I love it. I was wondering though, could I use this in the winter here in MA? Like could I get wider tires for the snow, what would I look for to convert it?

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@roninroyal Thanks for reaching out!

We're stoked to hear you love your DRT 2.2! Having been through a couple of Massachusetts winters myself, I bet there could be some really fun year-round riding! The DRT 2.2 can take up to a 3" tire, and given how wet and heavy the snow and ice in Massachusetts can be, you'll want a tire with deep lugs and potentially studs. We recommend checking out the 45NRTH Wrathchild Studded Tire - 27.5+ x3.

That size tire should serve you well on trails that are well packed and firm. It'll give you great traction on hardpack and ice as well. If you're looking for a lot of floatation and riding on less firm snow, you'll have to look at a fat bike whose tires can go up to 5 inches. As you are riding, you'll want to pay attention to the pressure of your tires as well, lowering it as snow conditions get softer. As such, a presta valve is a must. If you're planning on longer rides, carrying a bike pump can be really handy for adding pressure if you ride off of soft snow on to a harder trail surface. For rides I've done in Alaska, I've been known to change the pressure in my tires multiple times an hour, depending on how conditions are changing.

Hopefully this helps a little bit. Feel free to reach back out with any other questions. Happy riding!

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