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What can I do about a hole in my Ortleib panniers?

Dear REI-

First time 4 day bike/camping trip using my Ortleib Mountain Biking Panniers purchased from REI and I come home to find this small hole. No sharp objects in my gear and no mishaps to cause this. Do you think this is a defect? I can’t believe such well made panniers could be so fragile and don’t know how this could have happened. Tried to attach picture but getting “invalid HTML” error message.
Advice please.

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You have the option of returning it, if you’ve had it less than one year.

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@Landiss Thanks for reaching out and we're sorry that you're experiencing this issue with your panniers.

We were able to see your photos fine and it is really hard to tell from just looking at a picture what might have caused that hole. We recommend taking it in to your local REI store and speaking with someone in customer service about it. They may be able to tell more about the hole by looking at it in person. Additionally, you could use a repair patch like Gear Aid Tenacious Tape Flex Patches or Gear Aid Tenacious Tape Repair Patches which are both easy and durable ways to repair a hole in your gear.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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it looks to me like a puncture while in use, not from the factory.  That said, I'd just put a piece of tape over it and drive-on.  No' biggie', but certainly not return-worthy.

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Thanks @REI-JohnJ!
I ordered the tape you suggested and that should work. I guess I’m more disappointed in the quality of the rather expensive Ortleib bag and surprised that the thin fabric punctured so easily, probably on a thorn of some kind. I expected the mountain biking panniers to be a little tougher given the terrain they’re going to encounter.

 Thanks, Shirley