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Weirdest impromptu energy foods on a ride?

Most employees at the Co-Op would probably claim to be a connoisseur of performance foods. I’ve tried a fair share myself. While all these products are great at providing a boost to performance in outdoor recreation or training, the subjectivity comes in finding your favorite flavors and the ingredients that help you. Best practice would be to try a bunch of different single servings, and then buy in bulk when you find what you like best.

But what do you do when you run out, and have a big ride? I recall when I first started cycling years ago, that I was in a situation where I had no food, and was about to head out to ride the “Great Western Loop” in San Diego, CA. While perusing the shelves at the gas station where we were all meeting, I found the “perfect” substitute- PEEPs. Considering that it was after Easter, they were also on clearance. I stocked up with a couple packs of the sugary marshmallow treats in my jersey pockets; Cheap and sugary, but it got me through the ride!

So, what’s the weirdest impromptu energy food you’ve tried on a ride?

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Fruit mentos from a gas station after a long day. Rides or hikes, there's always a roll in my bag now. 


Chocolate fudge brownies and Mountain Dew


I’m more into motorcycle adventure touring with campground camping as a goal. My go to meal is minimal additives muesli, granola or rolled oats with raisins, nuts or even some home-trail mix stirred into whole milk plain yogurt with a bit of milk or cream (not the non-dairy gross things.) it’s highly nutritious, keeps well even in hot weather and a great supper then recycled as a breakfast (vs slimy waffles in the motel or nearby pancake house)