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troubleshooting removal of yakima bike rack locks

I have Yakima 2 bike rack with a lock.  Trying to remove lock to take off rack.  

Key rotates freely but endbody will not slide off to free the bolt.  I do not fee any resistance to key movement. Endbody (part with the keyhole) does not have any movement left or right but rotates freely.

Do not want to take hammer and chisel to it...yet, but I do want to get it off.  Suggestions?

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Hi @QDROMAN - Thanks for reaching out, though we're sorry you're having trouble with removing your bike rack's lock.

Yakima racks have a lock key (for everyday use) and a control key, for removal of the core. If you are already using the control key and because it is difficult to picture the exact situation through words, if you live near an REI store, your best bet will be to take your rack to the store and ask for someone to have a look at the lock in-person. 

If that is not a viable option, one thing that might work is trying to secure the back end of the lock's core. If you are able to hold that in place, you may be able to engage the key to be able to pull the core out. Without knowing the exact lock you are dealing with, we cannot say for certain, but there may a removable cover to the back side of the core, while other models may be able to be secured through pressure without removing anything.

Hopefully this helps!


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