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Tire help! Are the tires on the Cannondale Quick 2 wide enough for gravel?

I’m probably going to buy the Cannondale quick 2 for women.... but I’m concerned that the tires are too narrow.   I want a quick bike with no shocks that can do mostly pavement but also some light dirt and gravel.    Will this bike work... can I buy wider tires with it to help... which tires are even compatible?

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@Kprzygoda Thanks for reaching out!

We touched base with one of our cycling experts, @REI-BryanV, who was also able to hit the sales floor and double check with this bike for the accuracy of the information. Here is the info you're looking for:

  • The Cannondale Quick 2 comes with 32mm tires with no tread. If you just changed your tire to a tire with more substantial tread, such as the Vittoria Terreno Dry Tire (700c), that would give you a lot of benefit when riding on gravel or light dirt.
  • 32mm is a solid tire for gravel. World Cup Cyclocross races happen on 32mm tires (this is something I learned today!).
  • If you really wanted a bigger tire you could likely go up to a 35mm on this bike. You're going to want to look for a 700c x 35mm tire. 

Have fun on your new bike! Let us know if you have any other questions. Hopefully this helps!

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