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Tips for transitioning a 3 year-old from a strider bike to pedals?

Our 3 year-old daughter has really gotten into riding her strider bike in the last few weeks and loves riding at the local bike park. She's getting fast enough on the downhills that just dragging her feet isn't really slowing her down very well so we'd like to move her start introducing a pedal bike with hand brakes.

Does anyone have tips for making the transition from a strider bike to pedals without going through training wheels?

Any reccommendations for a good toddler bike with a hand brake? Or should we try coaster brakes?


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@Nate We're only at 1 year and just starting our striding, but based on everything I've read, you could get a pedal bike and then just unscrew the pedals at first so that it's just like a balance bike, and work on the brakes that way and add the pedals back in later. I've never seen coaster brakes recommended because pedaling backwards is a natural way to regain balance, and it can be jarring to have that activate the brakes. Some popular brands I've heard are Woom, Cleary, Frog, and Prevelo, though I'm sure there's others too.

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