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Thule roof rack mounts for bike rack

I have a Volvo V70 wagon, 2014.

I already have square bars and bike mounts, but I need 4 new feet to fit the Volvo.

Does the Thule Evo Raised Rail fit the Volvo V70 roof design and accept a square rail?

I only need the feet, as I have rails and accessories.

Is there a specific model indicator to assure that I'm ordering what I want?

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Hey there @naboba!

Just to clarify, did you remove your rack from one car, and now you want to install it on the a different vehicle? 

The easiest way to check compatibility is using the Thule Fit Guide.  Not only can you specify which vehicle you have, but also the current roof design.  This will give you a clearer picture on what is needed to make the switch!   

Please feel free to reach out to us with any additional questions or concerns.

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