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Suggestions for bicycle trunk for comfortable rural touring.

I prepared to go bike touring in June to celebrate my recovery from many years of being ill.
Instead, I became a caretaker for my family and this may continue for a year.

I wanted to explore the Appalachian coal country before heading West.

I spent a long time preparing my Vilano 29” bicycle and upgrading it with various components.
Some components came from Aliexpress, some from small manufacturers that sell through Amazon, some from old bicycles.

I am shopping for utility value only.

In May I went on a small test journey from Frederick MD to West Virginia.

Over the 8 days, I was soaked by cold rain, beaten by hail, ran out of dry clothes and then experienced summer heat and humidity.

I learned what gear I need to deal with changes in latitude, temperature, humidity and precipitation.

Ideally, I would like a long protruding thing with a powerful LED blinker and a handle on the end that can bear the weight of a loaded bicycle.

I am still looking for a rear luggage trunk for my bicycle that would be shaped like this:

101 how I want to pack bicycle - based REI illustr.png


This is what I have right now.
Rear diagonal bars are pieces of wooden trimming that I attached to keep bags from rubbing against the wheel.


Old trunks do not work with disk brakes as the caliper sticks out off to one side.

Few Chinese manufacturers responded to this by flooding the market with several models of trunks that crudely solved this problem.

I made my own custom part.


I made this trunk a lot more stable by adding this part.


If I had better metalworking abilities, this may also be a good place to carry water.

Where can I find such a bicycle trunk and who can help me build one?

Also I am looking for a kickstand that would unfold from the back of such trunk.




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