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Stock levels of the REI CO-OP ADV 3.2 and other bike recommendations

Looking to buy an ADV 3.2 bike. Only sizes available on line are S and XS.  I am looking for an XL.  How would/could I check store inventories  to see if and XL is available anywhere? Thanks in advance for any  help you can provide!

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@at800mev unfortunately, we do not have any additional stock in the ADV 3.2 in an XL. Are you interested in some suggestions from our team on other bikes you might consider? We'd be more than happy to provide some ideas, just let us know!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Yes, advice would be appreciated.  If an XL becomes available, I would seriously consider purchasing one XL and one XS.


Hey @at800mev Thanks for giving us some time to do a little research and make a few suggestions for comparable bikes. The ADV 3.2 sure is a nice bike, but I think we have a few options that would get you out there in a similar style. 

First is the Salsa Journeyman Apex 650. This bike offers 650B wheels and tires like the 3.2 and upgrades you to a carbon fork. Don't worry, this fork still has mounting options for racks, bottle cages, or bags. You also see the components shift over to Sram 1x11 Spd compared to 10spd on the ADV. This gives you more range, with less components weighing you down. The only other difference is the brakes. On the ADV you would see TRP hydraulic brakes and on this you have TRP mechanical. Hydro disc brakes doo have greater modulation on long descents, while mechanical brakes are field serviceable. 

Next is the Salsa Journeyman Sora 650. This one gives you a front derailleur and an overall 2x9 drivetrain. This would be two less than on the ADV and the price goes down as a result. 

Finally, is the Salsa Journeyman 700. All the specs of the first bike, with 700c wheels. Bigger wheels will carry momentum a bit better if you plan to be on the road a fair bit. The frame will still accommodate a 50mm tire, so don't worry about having enough tire to soak up the trail. 

If you feel like an XL ADV 3.2 is right for you, the Salsa Journeyman equivalent would be the 59.5 size. The XS equivalent would be the 50cm size.

Any of these bikes would be fantastic options. What type of adventures do you have in mind for them? Please let us know if you have any other questions! 

At REI, we believe a life outdoors is a life well-lived.


Bryan: Thank you for the research and the recommendations. I'll consider them.  Future adventures including bike packing and sections of the GDT.



Hi JenK and REI,  I think I know the answer but I'm checking on the possibility that a "L" in ADV 3.2 is available at a store or online.  Is it possible that it will be available again for same price and therefore I could keep watching for it??   Thank you


@RHSparx unfortunately, it does not look like we are going to get additional ADV 3.2 bikes in stock. Please let us know if we can help you hone in on other bike options instead.

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.