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Set a new personal best! Who else has cycling/biking goals they're going for?

Hi all! This is my first post on Conversations, and I'm totally new to this, but felt excited to share my small accomplishment.

I've been trying to spend some time getting back on the bike this summer, and have generally been doing a bad job of it. This hot weather has made it pretty miserable to ride during the day. But I got out early on Sunday morning and beat 15 miles for the first time ever! My butt still hurts 😂

I don't have a fancy bike or anything but man did it feel good to get out and set a new personal best. Hopefully I can set a couple more before things cool down too much.

How has everyone else been doing with their cycling goals in the time of Covid?

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Hey @frecklzz , In what area are you located?  Do you have any good rail-trails, or similar biking trails near you to ride on? Having trails like that eliminates the concern of dealing with motor traffic, and in most cases provides some nice scenery along the way. In addition to those I mentioned above, we have several somewhat nearby, including the C&O Canal Trail.  This weekend I took my bike to Philadelphia and rode the Wissahickon Trail, Forbidden Drive Trail, and Schuylkill River Trail.  

One of the incentives that got me improving was having a destination with a "reward" of sorts at the end, or mid-point of the ride.  A cafe, an ice-cream shop, a brewery, a scenic overlook...just something, anything, that gives you motivation to keep going, and go that extra mile (or several).

I don't want to spend your money for you, but maybe you should get the bike now and use that as your incentive.  You'll look forward to "playing with your new toy" and likely enjoy the rides more.

Good luck out there and keep having fun!

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I'm in the Toledo, OH area. There are some trails out this way, and our largest metropark which connects to a long biking trail isn't too far of a drive for me. This park also just recently put in 17 miles of bike paths (but this is all on dirt) which I'd like to check out. So it's possible to ride up to really long distances - my dad used to regularly ride 27 miles around the same area using the prominent bike trail here.

Granted, I can do short rides around my neighborhood, but anything over 5 miles, I like to get out to a park/trail and ride there. It'd be great if I could find a "halfway" spot, and I'm sure there's options around here. Part of the fun for me lately has been looking up what trails are where and getting ideas on what routes I can take, and how many miles it'll be.

I certainly have considered the "new toy" aspect of a new bike 😉 and it's tempting. It looks like there are a ton of options out there too, and I've started looking at what make the most sense for me (mtb, touring, trail/backpacking bikes), it's easy to get overwhelmed!


Nice!  I myself opted for a hybrid bike.  A Specialized CrossTrail.  It's a good compromise between road bike and a MTB.  It does reasonably well on paved surfaces, gravel, and dirt.  Granted, it is just that; a compromise, so it's not optimum for any one specific activity, but it gives me the freedom of choice to ride most of the places I want to, including some mild MTB trails.  

Superusers do not speak on behalf of REI and may have received
one or more gifts or other benefits from the co-op.