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road bike tubeless conversion - wheelset recs for ARD 1.1?

Hi, all.

I have a ARD 1.1 road bike. Apparently, this is not tubeless compatible/ready. Does any body have wheelset recommendations? Thanks!

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I don't have a particular wheelset in mind, but one option you could try is finding some sealant filled tubes. Depends on if you're looking only for the puncture protection or if you're hoping to shed the weight of the tubes as well.

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Thanks for reaching out with this question!

@TomV gave some good advice if you're primarily looking to prevent punctures in your tires, but we wanted to circle back in case you were still looking for a tubeless wheel set up. As we have limited options for bike wheels on, your best bet is to go in to your local REI bike shop and speak to a bike tech about your bike. It is a challenging time to order bike parts, so they will have the best visibility to what is available from our distributors. They are also the best resource to make sure the wheels and tires are compatible with your bike. 

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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I swapped out a regular pair of wheels (non-tubless) for a pair of tubeless a couple of years ago. Did a lot of research at the time as I did not want to spend big bucks on this particular bike.  My choice was a pair of wheel from "Stan notubes"


After 5000 miles of use, I have had zero issues and they ride as well as my very expensive carbon wheels that I have on other bikes.  They impressed me a lot.


Stan's is the leader in tubeless bicycle tires.  They claim that that most road wheels can be converted to tubeless wheels for the cost of tape, a new valve and sealant.  I have not tried, but they are really the experts in this area, so maybe.....