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Recommendations on knee pads for women?

Hi there! I am looking for some knee/shin pads for bike park and enduro MTB riding. I'm running into challenges with size charts because my thighs are much bigger than my calves (size L vs XS). I imagine other women may have run into this issue before and was wondering if any ladies or people with similar shaped legs have recommendations of knee pads that they love? Any tips on choosing a knee pad size virtually would also be appreciated (size towards thighs, calves, or somewhere in between)!

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@mediocrehiker Isn't that just the thing?  It happens often that cycling-specific clothing and accessories (like knee pads) are not sized for the cycling thighs we work so hard to get!  In a case like knee pads, you have to go with your thigh measurement, not split the difference--too small and you won't be able to get them into position and keep them there. For sizing virtually, make sure you are measuring your thigh about 4 inches above the knee (Not the widest part of your thigh) and your calf around the fullest part of the calf.  I would also look for models that have additional velcro closures, at the both thigh and the calf to cinch up any size discrepancy and keep them in place, like this model: the ION K-Pact Zip Knee Pads.  For enduro riding, these also have zippers which allow you to take them off easily for mellower sections of the ride without having to also remove your shoes.  I hope this helps. 

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Thank you so much for the help! I look forward to trying them out on the trail 🙂