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Recommendations for an adapter for a Kids 20 Co-op bike to go on my bike rack?

Can you all recommend a bike rack tube for kids 20 rev bike?  I have a yakima bike rack and don't think their option will work well.



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@jbragger thanks for reaching out! To make sure we clearly understand your question: you have a kid's REI Co-op Cycles Rev 20" bike (my son has the same bike!), are wondering the best way to carry it on your Yakima bike rack and were considering the Yakima TubeTop Adapter but are concerned it won't work - is that all correct?

Assuming yes, a few thoughts:

  • The top tube adapter is not likely to work, because when attached, there won't be much clearance between the top tube and the adapter in which to slide the second arm of the car rack.
  • While it is ideal to have both arms under the top tube of a bike, with the REI Co-op Cycles Rev 20” bike, there is an alternate placement of one arm that will keep the bike level to the ground and stable. Instead of trying to fit both arms of the car rack so they sit under the top tube of the Rev 20”, you can first slide one arm of the car rack under the top tube of the bike (closest to the seat post) and seat the top tube in the cradle. Then, seat the down tube of the bike (at the front end of the bike, close to where the down tube meets the fork) snugly against the cradle on the second arm of the car rack - the cradle should rotate slightly to hug the down tube. Once you have the bike resting snugly in both cradles, you should fasten both rubber straps tightly over the bike. Ensure the bike is nearly level to the ground and is securely held on to the rack by the rubber straps.

Hopefully this description makes sense - let us know if you have additional questions!

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i'm having the same issue. unfortunately, that description leaves my head spinning. i've spent a good while trying different positions but can't seem to get anything to work. anyone got any pictures out there?!?! 🙂


@mrhargr0 here you go, hopefully this is more clear!

The traditional and recommended way to carry a bike on a bike rack is to use a top tube adapter, attaching it at the 2 points circled below. Two caveats for this set-up with a kid's bike: (1) if the handlebars are set lower than the image shows, the adapter won't fit at that location and (2) if the frame between those 2 points is shorter than the adapter's smallest setting, the adapter won't fit. With that said, the Yakima adapter specifically states that it's compatible with kid's bikes so will likely fit.



The other option, if an adapter doesn't fit, is to slide the arms of your car rack under the 2 spots we've circled below to support the bike, then have the rubber straps wrap snugly around those parts of the frame. If you cannot achieve a snug fit of the frame against the rack arms this way, we don't recommend using this option.


Let us know if you have additional questions - we're happy to consult further!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

The small rev bike is just too small so ended up getting these straps from Amazon.





@mrhargr0 glad to see you were able to get something to work (and thanks for looping back with the update)!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.