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Recommendations for a rear rack for a carbon fiber bike

I am looking for a rear rack to put on my carbon fiber road bicycle.  Please provide details of any such racks that REI has.  Thank you

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Hey @JimB thanks for reaching out!

If you could provide a little more detail about your bike that would be super helpful in making a recommendation for a rear rack system. We don't want to make any assumptions about your bike, so if you could let us know if you have braze-ons for a rear rack (threaded bolt holes in the frame of your bike, typically near the seat post and again on the frame near the rear hub) and also what kind of brakes you have (disc brakes require a rack specifically designed for them) that would be very helpful.

Thanks and we look forward to hearing back from you soon!

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The bike is the typical carbon fiber road bike without any attachment points built into the frame.  The brakes are pads, not disc.  I have seen racks on carbon fiber bikes that are supported directly from the rear hub / skewer area and attach at or near the seat post clamp.  I plan to use the rack for lighter loads.  Will not be attaching panniers.  Thank you for any info you can provide.  


I have a similar issue. I have the Trek Domane+ Hp I want to install racks on! Is there anything you recommend? Also I have the burley Travoy and was wondering if the rack could be used along with some modification to support the travoy since they recommend attaching it to a carbon seat post!

Thank you, I appreciate any word of advice!


It may be too late for this but for others, here are additional options that I found when thinking about using my road bike to go down the coast and carry panniers.  I have a disc version but quick release versions are also available.

For attaching to the seat post get a seatpost collar with rack mounts (+/- $25), I attached mine over the seat collar to I could torque it higher than the seat post collar, also use carbon paste to add more friction while using less torque to your seat post.  Swap your carbon post with a metal post when doing this and avoid claping anything to carbon post or stays and you can easily crush carbon (did it before when I over torqued a carbon drop bar slightly over spec).  Get a quick release skewer with rack mounts, in my case I got a specialized thru bolt with rack mount (+/- $29).  My rack is a Bontrager Disc (light alloy +/- $45), but you will now have more options for the type of rack you use. This costs more than a rack made for bikes with no attachments but thru bolts racks are harder to find.

  • This worked for me as I avoided all the carbon bits and transfered the gravity loads on the parts that could handle it and it was easy to remove install when not in use (seat post di2 batteries need a bit more work). Additionally make sure your load is secure and does not shift as that movement will transfer onto the seat post adding additional out of plane stresses.

Carbon can be very brittle especially on high end bikes so do it at your own risk.  Follow the transferred stresses and decide if your rig can handle it.  With the rack, post replacement and bolt replacement I may have added one pound to my bike, not too bad of a trade if you commute with your bike.






@JimB Thanks for getting back to us with some more details!

We have a couple of options that could work for you. If you want to mount directly to the rear hub take a look at the Axiom Cycle Gear Streamliner Rear Bike rack. If you're not planning on using panniers, you could consider a seat post bag like the Co-op Link Seat Pack or the Revelate Designs Terrapin System seat pack. They mount easily under your seat and can provide a versatile way to carry a few extra items.

Hope this helps!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

@REI-JohnJ @JimB I want on this wagon.... We just purchased two Cannondale Topstone bikes. I ordered the Topeak disc mount rack. There is no way to get the front support down to seat stay. I could attempt to create a clamp for the seat post, and wonder if that is the only real option. It isn't obvious how the Axiom rack previously suggested would mount - again, no place to attach the front support.

Any suggestions other than build a clamp for the seat post?


I purchased a 'Blackburn Ex 1 Disc Rack' and 'Axiom Seat Collar w/ Rack Eyelets'.  The installations instructions for the rack could be a bit more detailed; however, with some experimentations, the rack fit quite well.  Note the rack came with lots of associate hardware.  I used only part of hardware and presume the rest would be for other bike fittings.  I used it for 2 months without any issues preparing for a short trial tour in May and then a longer tour in July.  Unfortunately, both were canceled due to the pandemic.  I took the rack off the bike and placed it in storage for next year.  I do know others (with this rack) who keep it on their bikes permanent to carry extra "stuff" on regular rides.  I am very pleased with the Blackburn rack.  There is a minor limitation worth noting.  The rack attaches at 2 points: at the seat collar and on the rear bike skewer that is provided with the rack.  Fixing a flat on the rear tire will require detaching the rack to pull the wheel for the tire repair.  This will require a little extra time to repair a flat.  My plan was to put a new tire on the rear before the tour to minimize the need to repair a flat.  Hope the preceding helps and May The Wind Be To your Back.  


Was looking for a rack for a carbon bike a year ago.  Decided to buy Blackburn EX-1 Disc Rear Rack.  Altough it is designed for a bike with disc brakes, it works fine with pad brakes.  The unit came with everything I needed to install on my bike.  It took a little time to get the adjustments proper.  I used it for a while in preparartion for my tours last year.  Unfortunately, COVID caused the tours to be cancel.  Will reinstall for my next tours.  The unit comes with an extended quick release to accommodate the rack.  The only limitation that I found is the need for a little more time to fix a rear flat.  Hope this info is helpful.


Does it work with thru axles?