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Recommendation for best women's bike shoes to alleviate 'hot foot'.

I'm looking for a bike shoe that won't give me "hot foot". My left foot, only, seems to get "hot foot syndrome". Is there a recommendation to help alleviate that? I'm wearing Pearl Zumi and Shimano at the moment. I rode and mountain bike ride. 

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@hollymills Thanks for reaching out!

We're sorry you're experiencing this issue. The good news is that we have some recommendations that may help! 'Hot foot' is typically caused during a longer ride when your foot swells inside your shoe and the resulting pressure compresses your nerves, which causes a burning sensation in your foot and sometimes numbness in your toes. Before you purchase new shoes, there are a couple of other potential solutions to try out first:

  • When you are riding and begin to feel your feet swelling, loosen your shoe a bit to alleviate the pressure. This could be to simply re-tie your laces, or to loosen a strap a notch or two.
  • When you know you are going on a longer ride, be sure to either wear thinner socks or bring a thinner pair to swap out when you feel your feet begin to swell.
  • Swap out or remove the insoles of your cycling shoes for an insole that has a lower profile, or remove them altogether.
  • Move your cleats further back to help alleviate the pressure on your foot.

As you can see from these solutions, the critical part is giving your feet the room they need to swell and keep your circulation working in your feet while riding. If you are experiencing this only in your left foot, it is likely that your left foot is slightly larger than your right (which is normal, for one foot to be larger than the other). If you try all of these options and still don't find relief, then you may need to look for a bigger size of shoe. We recommend trying them on later in the day, when your feet tend to swell anyway.

Hopefully this helps!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

I appreciate your response back. Will definitely try all of those and hopefully one will help solve my problem. 


You're welcome! Please circle back with us and let us know what works for you. Thanks!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.