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Raising the handle bars on a DRT 1.2

Is it possible to raise the handle bar stem on my DRT 1.2?

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Thanks for reaching out!

It is possible to raise the handlebars on your Co-op cycles DRT 1.2! You will need a stem raiser like the Delta Cycle Alloy Stem Raiser. If you need help with the installation or have any other questions, we recommend reaching out to your local REI bike shop or emailing Because this stem raiser can raise your handlebars up to 3.25", one consideration with this addition to your bike is making sure your cables are long enough to accommodate raising your handlebars that high.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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@Michael_Rerun - Another option would be to swap out the bars themselves, as bars come in different rises. It would be a smaller change than the Stem Raiser @REI-JohnJ linked (~1" vs. 3"), but sometimes small adjustments can make a big difference in feel/comfort. Another thing to consider is that raising the stem will also push it slightly closer to your body due to the angle it sits at, while a different rise bar will maintain the horizontal distance.

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