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OTG goggles for bicycling

Thinking about riding on some gravel/dirt roads near me (my state has a lot of unpaved roads) and want some protective goggles to help keep gravel and rocks out of my eyes. Only problem is I wear glasses so a standard pair of cycling glasses won’t cut it, any good brands to look into or should I start looking for eye patches? 😂 T.I.A. 

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I was wearing probably just what you need while wielding a weedwacker out in the yard just a bit ago.  I don't know the brand name, but they are a very common item found in almost every hardware store - the frame is soft clear plastic with enough clearance for my glasses and a replaceable front shield, held on by a very minimal elastic strap.  I am confident there are other types as well - lots of us wear glasses and need protective - cover.  

For that matter, the glasses I prefer to wear are actually safety rated - hardened lenses, slightly oversize, with hook temples.  Cost a it more, but well worth it IMHO.




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