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Ordering a bike online to be assembled by a store

Hi, I ordered a bike online and had it delivered to a local store for assembly.  The order was shipped within a few days and arrived at the store about 5 days after shipping.  However, I was then told that the one week delay to assemble the bike at the store would now be three weeks. I asked if I could just pick up the box and assemble it myself, and was told no, that the store had to assemble my bike. Why is that?  I’m confused and disappointed with the order process. I would never had ordered the bike if I was told it would take three weeks to assemble after shipping.  I would gladly pay more money just to get the bike box in my hands.  This bike is for my daughter.   Can REI at least confirm that the assembly order is first in, first out regardless of the value of the bike?

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@Arlington we're sorry to hear your frustration with the bike ordering process. It is true that when a bike is shipped to one of our stores, our bike technicians are required to assemble it. Our store teams are working as quickly as possible through the high volume of bike orders they've been receiving and we can confirm that they do not prioritize the order of bike builds based on the value of the bike; they will work to build bikes in the order they are received. We hope this information helps.

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