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NiteRider Lumina Bicycle Headlight - Top Notch

Have been using a NiteRider Lumina 650 for the last couple of years attached to my helmet, and find it excellent.  The strobe function makes it excellent for daytime commutes a couple of days each week.  On 650 lumens can easily light up a stop sign 1/2 city block away. Being able to charge it using USB port means I can detach it from my helmet mount and use it when on travel, or at night as an emergency flashlight, as well as when on routine walks with a local walking group (three levels of luminosity).  Also came with a handlebar mount. While pricier than many flashlights, think it is worth it.  Only downside [NiteRider can you improve this?] is the somewhat flimsy white plastic (latex?) on/off/settings button that will weaken/be subject to tear over time.  This has been true for each of the NiteRiders that have bought since 2014. My solution to the design flaw is to place a few inches of painter's tape over the top of the light so do not apply direct pressure on the thin, soft plastic, on/off/settings button, and that protects the button.

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@KRadMed I have 2 of the NiteRider Lumina lights and I like them as well.  As far as feedback for how the button is designed I would contact NiteRider directly as they design and manufacture the product.  I have not personally seen a return for the button.

I dig your creative solution with painters tape


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