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(new) Urban Bike Commuters, Assemble!

Hi everyone. Longtime co-op member, first-time poster. With my return to my office in Kendall Square in September, I've started to commute in a day a week to get the hang of things before everyone else (including the college students!) floods the roads in the fall, whereupon I'll be doing that 2, maybe 3, days a week.  I've got a Tern Vektron Q9 ebike and absolutely love it.  I'd love to hear people's tips, ideas and thoughts for good gear.  I ride with an REI daypack, a Tern pannier and a Topeak seat bag with bike and tire repair stuff.  And a helmet and u-lock, of course.

My daily commute is a 6 mile ride to the Commuter Rail station, get on the train, fold up the Vektron, get off the train at North Station, unfold the bike, and bike the 2 miles to KSq.  The Boston to Cambridge ride is quite good (especially in Cambridge!), since there are LOTS of ritzy green bike lanes, but, being Boston, other roads are, um, challenging.  I do plan on getting out of the office occasionally during the day to explore on the bike.  I'm mostly concerned about 'doing the wrong thing' while biking and would love some pointers from more experienced folks.

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I used to teach bike safety, and did bike rodeos with DBTC.  I also taught the BSA Merit Badge which concludes with a 50 mile ride.  I commuted by bike for many years as well.  I even rode the Davis Double Century a couple of times.  Sadly, I knew 3 people who died needlessly commuting by bike.

RULE #1  You can be dead right.

RULE #2 ALWAYS wear a good helmet.  Ever run into a kitchen cabinet?  Did it hurt?  How fast were you going?

RULE #3  Wear bright clothing to set yourself apart.

RULE #4  Always attempt to gain eye contact with other drivers at intersections.

RULE #5  Invest in a decent pack so you can change into/out of work clothes.

RUE #6   Do NOT insist on the right-of-way.

RULE # 7  Be friendly.  Wave and say Hi.  Kill em with kindness!

RULE #8  Keep your bike in GREAT working order.

RULE #9  Skip the tunes.  Put your phone and ear buds in your pack.